Terreinen Debra-Meat / Headquarterz
Wingensesteenweg 64
8700 Tielt


Saturday 27th of August
Camping: Saturday 10h00 Festival Start: 12h00
Festival End: 01h00 Camping End: Sunday 12h00

Minimum Age

Minimum age for the festival is 16 years. When you are below 16 you will be denied access to the festival, even when accompanied by an adult, parent or other 16+.


It is possible to pay with cash or bancontact at Invaderz Festival.


Earplugs will be available for free at the drinktoken stand.


It is not allowed to flyer or hang posters in the streets or direct neighbourhood of the festival. For promo offers via our festival or festival booklet you can contact us via info@invaderz.be.


You can leave the festival at any time, however if you want to re-enter you will need to buy a new ticket.

Banned objects

Following items are banned from the festival and will be confiscated at the entrance.

  • Animals (with exception of guidance dogs for blind people)
  • Own food and drinks
  • Spray cans, liquids, fireworks, cannister sprays, torches
  • Big backpacks
  • Gascannisters
  • Candles
  • Flag poles, banners
  • Umbrella's, parasols, folding chairs
  • Plastic and wooden containers or boxes
  • Isimo blocks
  • Flyers, stickers and other promomaterial
  • Bike pump or other tools
  • Drugs
  • Glass
  • Cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • (Professional) video- or audio recording material
  • Weapons
  • Sticks, walking canes (medical crutches are allowed)
  • Items with racial or provoking text, images or slurs.
  • Hit-, stab-, firing tools that can be used as a weapon
  • Every other item, object or tool that can be regarded as dangerous or unwanted on the festival


There will be a large (unprotected) bike storage at the entrance of the Festival.


Invaderz Festival is easily reachable with by train. Check out the NMBS website for the fastest route to the station of Tielt. www.nmbs.be.


Invaderz Festival can be reached by bus. A public bus will transport you from Tielt station to the Festival terrain. Check out the fastest route here: https://www.delijn.be/nl/routeplanner/.


It is possible to reach Invaderz Festival by car. Please bare in mind that parking spots are limited.


Antwerp -> Tielt -> Antwerp
Hasselt - > Tielt -> Hasselt
Tienen -> Tielt -> Tienen
Brussels -> Tielt -> Brussels
Bruges - > Tielt -> Bruges
(Organised via PartyTrips)
(Cities and routes subject to change)
(Extra busses can be arranged if interest is high)

Ticket conditions

Print your ticket(s) and exchange them at the entrance in return for access at Invaderz Festival.
Ticket conditions Invaderz Festival:
  • The minimum age is 16 years, tickets acquired without paying attention to the minum age will not be refunded or exchanged.
  • An entrance ticket is only valid on the 27th of August.
  • Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged by the organisation.
  • Copying or fraud with tickets will have legal consequenses.
  • At the purchase of a ticket, the buyer agrees to be filmed or photographed. These images can be used to promote the festival or other events by the organisation.
  • At the purchase of a ticket, the buyer agrees to be frisked for illegal substances or weapons / banned items.
  • All personal info when buying a ticket can be used for promotional purposes. All personal data in our database will be conform with the regulations of the 08/12/1992 law regarding protection of the personal privacy.
  • When the organisation is forced to change the timetable in any way, tickets will still remain valid. Refunds or compensation will not be applied for this reason.
  • Cancellation from one or more artists will not result in a refund.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own food, drinks or other consumptions to the Festival. When buying a ticket, the buyer agrees to have bags, purses, pockets, ... checked for banned items.
  • It is not allowed to bring any drugs to the festival. When you are caught, police will be notified.
  • When you are under influence of alcohol or drugs you can be denied access to the festival.
  • All items that can be seen as a potential weapon can be confiscated. When you are carrying weapons (knife, brass knuckles, baton, ...) you will be removed from the Festival.
  • Digital camera's are allowed to the festival with exception of professional audio-, or video recording devices. For info or permission contact info@invaderz.be
  • Photo's or video's taken at any Invaderz event can not be used for commercial purposes. For permission contact: info@invaderz.be
  • It is forbidden to place flyers or hang posters on the festival terrain. If you wish to do promo on our domain you can contact us via info@invaderz.be
  • There will be a bike storage at the entrance of the festival.
  • The buyer agrees that the organisation is not responsible for any harm, event or problem. The buyer agrees to obey any follow any instruction to prevent disruption of public peace and orde.
  • The organisation is not responsible for any immaterial or material damage / harm.
  • The organisation is allowed to refuse or remove any person who does not respect the rules above.
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